Welcome to the official American web presence of the Cultural Exchange Program between Oak Hills High School and Gymnasium Dingolfing in Germany! The aim of this website is to inform Oak Hills students and parents about this valuable exchange and to encourage them to take part in this unique program. Information regarding how the program works, the town of Dingolfing, the trip to Germany, the rules and regulations of the program, and FAQs can be found by clicking on the links above. The success of this exchange is completely thanks to the wonderful OHHS families who host 25 guests every September!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to expose students to life in present-day Germany. During our time in Germany, students will undertake a program that includes the following activities:

    visits with the Landrat and the mayor
    a tour of the town of Dingolfing
    a visit to the BMW factory, the region's major employment center
    a hands-on experience at the town recycling facility, giving us knowledge of how today's Germans care for the environment

The rest of the program and teams of chaperones are arranged by that year's lead chaperone (Herr Schneider in even years, Frau Schott in odd years).

Next meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, May 17, 2018, at 7 p.m. at the Green Township Library - please continue to watch your email for updates!

2018 Trip Information

Our trip will take place from June 26 through July 18. As always, continue to check your email for updates.

Students who are interested in traveling to Germany should check out the quick links at the bottom of this page for some tips for getting around in Germany (compiled by students, for students), for things to consider packing before heading to Germany, for some gift ideas for your host family, and for some shops while in Germany.


Oak Hills High School has been a participant in an exchange program called the German American Partnership Program (GAPP) since 1985, during which time the school has hosted hundreds of German students and sent hundreds of American students to Germany for a truly enriching experience. It is important to note that the exchange is not a school-sponsored program and, therefore, all decisions regarding the program are made by the coordinator(s) of the program. As such, students may be added or removed from the program at anytime as deemed appropriate by the GAPP coordinator or any chaperone.